About the Founder
Larry Rodgers is a third-generation jeweler. It began with his grandfather, Dick Aurand, a Chief Warrant Officer in the Navy, during his off time he was an avid rock hound, lapidary and jeweler. He enjoyed finding and cutting stones and making jewelry for friends and family, a passion that he passed on to his daughter, Pat Rodgers (Larry's mom), when he taught her how to cut her first stone when she was 9 years old. Pat's love of gems and jewelry grew through the years and she opened her jewelry store in Morro Bay, California in 1977. Larry was just 4 years old at the time, so he pretty much grew up in that store surrounded by gems and jewelry.

To earn his keep, Larry spent a lot of time cleaning customers' jewelry using the traditional tools of the trade: ammoniated cleaners, silver dips, and the ultrasonic and steamer. He was clearly instructed that these cleaning methods weren't safe for pearls, opals, cameos, emeralds, tanzanite or any other delicate stone jewelry. The ammonia solution was harsh and stung his hands and left his skin dry and cracked. Years later he found out about the dangers of using ammonia and that the silver dips commonly used and sold by most jewelers have toxic carcinogens that absorb right through your skin.

Since there wasn't a solution to clean delicate jewelry he would often hear his mom advising customers to use a couple drops of dishwashing liquid in water. However, dish soap didn't clean very well and left a filmy residue. The problem of safely cleaning intricate and delicate jewelry needed to be solved. Throughout his childhood and teen years, Larry continued working in the family store while also pursuing an education chemistry and biology.

15 Years Later...
In 1998, Larry opened his first of 3 jewelry stores. He specialized in Tahitian black pearl and south sea pearl jewelry, and also carried a designer line of inlaid opal jewelry. Surprisingly (or to his dismay) there still wasn't an effective cleaner to safely clean pearls, opals and the other delicates.

With his background in jewelry, education in chemistry, and the help of consultants he created Lavish, a biodegradable non-toxic jewelry cleaner that is safe AND effective to clean all of your jewelry. Larry went on to open a second location and eventually took over the family store when his mom retired. Lavish was used in the stores for years to clean jewelry in the workshop as well as jewelry brought in by customers, and was often given to them as a gift.

The feedback from customers was overwhelming; they kept coming back for more. So Larry decided it was time for the rest of the world to discover Lavish... the only jewelry cleaner you'll ever need.

"The problem of safely cleaning intricate and delicate jewelry needed to be solved."



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